What is Private Plan?

A Combination of Activities

You can combine any activity plans you like

To have an original tour, enjoy the beauty of nature and fruitfulness in every season in Japan

Spring (for Hatsukaichi-shi area)

  • ① Cherry Blossom viewing at famous spot

  • ② Strawberry picking

From Summer to Winter

① Fruits Picking in (for Hatsukaichi-shi area)


① Kagura Dance Tour (April~December、for Hiroshima area)

② Hot Spring in the mountains (throughout the year、for Yoshiwa village area)

Yoshiwa is a tranquil village which is surrounded by mountains and clear rivers. Go into the Ushiobara hot spring, you will be lost in the enchanting scenery of the mountains appearing before your eyes and feel the changes of the four seasons by your body and skin. Yoshiwa is the major producing-Wasabi area. After the hot spring bath, enjoying the Honwasabi thoroughly is also a valuable experience for your trip.

Ushiobara hot spring in Yoshiwa village
Wasabi farm in Yoshiwa village and Honwasabi

③ Stroll around Tanada (throughout the year, for Akiota Town area)

It is a plan that you will stroll around the 'tanada (terraced paddy field) in Ini,' which was selected as one of the Top 100 Terraced Paddy Fields in Japan. It has a spectacular scenery at all seasons with 324 paddies. Water fill paddies in spring. Arrived in summer, all the paddies become luxuriantly green. Then the rice-plants put out their ears in autumn and they all turn yellow. Also the scene of harvesting and drying the rice in the sun are particularly fine. There are many gigantic trees of drooping cherry-trees, ginkgo biloba which is over hundreds years old and various flower fields in Kitahiroshima town adjacent to the paddies. You can select any spots for your private plan.

Gigantic trees (To look around drooping cherry-trees and cherry-tree-lined which are over hundreds years old. The best time to view is from mid to the end of April.)
Flower fields

Akasoba-no-sato, the Rape-Flower field in Oasa-Koeda area, Ai-no-sato Herb Garden, Iris field of Mt. Ogura Garden

  • Akasoba-no-sato
    From mid to the end of September.

  • the Rape-Flower field in Oasa-Koeda area
    The mid of April

  • Ai-no-sato Herb Garden
    From April to September.

  • Iris field of Mt. Ogura Garden
    From mid of June to the beginning of July.

  • Kakitubata-no-sato
    From the end of May to the beginning of June

  • Gigantic ginkgo biloba in Saikyo Temple
    From the beginning to the end of November11

④ Visit and experience Japanese paper hand making at Japanese Paper Handmade House (Feb. ~Jun. Oct.~Des., for Otakeshi area)

It is the only Japanese paper mill inherited the traditional technique in Hiroshima Prefecture. You will observe the tools and process of paper making, and try to make a postcard by your hand.

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