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「Tour around Aki Province -Cool Hiroshima Japanese Culture experience」mainly trades the experience plans of the west of Hiroshima. We know about this place like the back of our hands because the Company located about over 20 years. Instructors of our plans are experts in certain field who are qualified.

When applying for the reservation

Details of the experience plan and reservation are all external links to the ActivityJapan site.ActivityJapan site corresponds to Japanese / English / Chinese (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese), Thai, Korean and has a reservation settlement system function.Please confirm the User Policy published on the reservation website before applying for the reservation.

Accommodation and transportation are not included in our plans.

About the payment method

Pay in cash or by credit card.

About the compensation for the disease or injury during the experience

Since we have a compensation system for foreign tourists, the cost of hospitalization, surgery, treatment will be compensated or solatium will be paid if injury or disease occurs during the experience.

Service on the spot

During the experience, our staff will provide English translation service and assistance.
When injury or disease occurs and the examination and/or treatment is necessary, our staff will notify to the medical institution and arrange transport and look after the patient.

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